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© Luca Sage 2013

'100 Galleries' by Luca Sage, 2011 ©

Many thanks to all the tumblr galleries involved.

Creating this was a unique experience and I couldn’t have made it without you.

'No.9' Cote d'Ivoire, 2010,

© Luca Sage.

This was taken in my studio a couple of years ago. © Luca Sage 2011.

Ivory Coast United by Luca Sage, 2010 © Luca J Sage

20”x24” Giclee print.

Limited Edition prints available here…

Philosophy Class, Belgrade, 2004 by Luca Sage

'Girl with Basketball, 2009' by Luca Sage.

No.9 by Luca Sage

No.9 by Luca Sage

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